Mixed messages

'The Word became flesh and made his home among us' (John 1. 14)

Have you ever played the game 'Chinese Whispers'? One person whispers into the ear of their neighbour, and the message is passed on until the last person speaks out what they heard. It can be very funny to see how the message has got lost along the way!

Sometimes, even if we are speaking the same language we don't understand each other. Even when we speak so we are clearly heard, sometimes we are misunderstood. Sometimes it is hard to say in words what we really think or feel.

Our human words, emotions, hopes and fears get all mixed up, even when we are trying our best. And sometimes our anger or impatience or pride can make it almost impossible to communicate well.

Thankfully, God knows what's on our hearts and is ready to help us connect with him and each other, whether with the words we say or the things we do.

This week, why not try to listen more than you speak?

Why not play a game of Chinese Whispers and see what happens?

StFrideswides Church