God's vision for the church

'...there was a wedding in Cana in Galilee... Jesus and his disciples had been invited.' (John 2. 1-2)

There are lots of stories about weddings in the Bible – marriage is used as a picture of what God's commitment to his people is like. He is committed to us through thick and thin and there is nothing we can do that would ever make God love us any less, or any more. God has always loved us with an everlasting love, and will always continue to do so.

In our weakness, human marriage is always less than perfect, and on occasion something of a catastrophe. And when we think of our commitment to God, while his love is unfailing, ours is often half-hearted and fickle.

God's church – his people called to worship and serve him, and to love one another – is beautiful in God's eyes. Let's pray that we can see ourselves, each other, and our church as God hopes and longs for us to be, and let's pray that the Holy Spirit could make that more of a reality.

God loves the Church... Do you?

If so, why...? If not, why not...?

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