It's not fair!!!

Jonah was a man who wanted justice. He wanted those who were wicked to be punished. He wanted people who were mean to each other, and who ignored God, to be left to their own devices and not to be rescued.

But God had other ideas. If those who were wicked would say sorry – to each other and to God – they would be spared the destruction that was waiting for them. 

Jonah didn't think this was fair – and in a way it wasn't. The people of Nineveh had no right to be given a second chance, and it really got on Jonah's nerves that God forgave them!

Jonah admits to God something he has always known deep down: You are a gracious and merciful God, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

Jonah hears God's call to go to Nineveh but runs in the opposite direction. Why?

In what ways have you known God's mercy, patience and love?

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