Two very small copper coins

Jesus saw a poor woman putting a gift of two very small copper coins into the temple treasury… Jesus said, ‘Out of her poverty she has put in all she had to live on.’ Luke 21. 1-4

In our Sunday services this term we are considering what it means to be a generous church. The poor widow Jesus observes in the temple, dropping a couple of coins into the offering box, is an example to us all. Jesus says she gives more than all of the wealthy folk who can easily afford to give their money without really noticing.

The woman displays an extraordinary degree of trust in God. She trusts that despite her poverty, God will provide for her material needs. She understands the depth of God’s love and compassion for her and is moved to respond sacrificially.

There is clearly a challenge here for us…

How confident are we in God’s faithfulness to provide?

How gladly do we receive God’s grace?

How cheerfully do we give back to God what is really already God’s?

Are we truly generous and sacrificial in our giving?

Ponder any of those questions, aware of God’s compassion and love, and ask whether there is something you can do in response.

StFrideswides Church