Remembrance Day

‘Greater love has no one than this: that they lay down their life for their friends.’ John 15. 12

This Sunday marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. We give thanks for the lives of those who have, over the course of history, given their lives for the sake of justice and peace. 

Some of us will remember particular people - friends or relatives who have served in the Armed Forces in years gone by. Some of us will have in mind people dear to us who have more recently served. Some of us know of those serving even today, committed to the cause of justice and willing to go where they are sent, no matter what the cost. And of course we remember civilian lives lost in conflict across the world.

Let us be mindful today of the sacrifices made in the past in order that we live in peace today. And let us dwell afresh on Jesus’ offering of himself on the cross - the greatest sacrifice which restores our friendship with God and wins for us eternal victory and freedom. 

How might you work and pray for peace - in the world, in your relationships, in the community?

StFrideswides Church