Eggs in one basket?

‘How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.’ Luke 18. 25

For those of us with modest bank balances, these words of Jesus can sound rather reassuring. If we are struggling to make ends meet, there is some comfort in the fact that we might have things easier when it comes to getting into heaven!

But read in context there is a challenge for every listener. The rich man looks to Jesus for recognition – he has kept all the important commandments and probably thinks there isn’t much else he can do to score full marks on God’s reward chart. But Jesus challenges him to leave behind all that gives him status and security, and to follow him. The man is filled with sadness at the thought.

This conversation is about money and possessions, but it is also about recognising and sacrificing all that gives us status and security in the eyes of the world, and ‘putting all our eggs in one basket’ as we choose to follow Jesus.

Could you divest yourself of some baggage that’s holding you back from following Jesus?

Are you in charge of your wealth, or is your wealth in charge of you?

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