Do not worry....

'Cast all your anxiety onto God, for he cares for you' (1 Peter 5. 7)

We all carry stuff round with us everyday - and not just in our pockets and handbags!

Some days we might feel weighed down by concerns for others. Or perhaps we can't pick up speed because every day we are reminded of sad things from the past.

When we begin to trust God more deeply, often it changes our perspective on the things we carry with us. The worries we have about our health, other people, our finances, the future... well, they don't exactly disappear, but they are in God's hands rather than weighing heavy on our hearts.

Worrying is a way of keeping control of things. Prayer is about giving control of our lives into God's hands and learning to trust him.  

Why not try putting your worries in God's hands and see what difference it makes? 

What might God be asking you to trust him with this week? 

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