This is my Son...

'This is my Son, whom I love - listen to him!' (Mark 9. 7)

First impressions often have a lasting impact.

Peter, James and John first encounter Jesus by the shore of Lake Galilee when he invites them to leave their nets and boats and follow him. There must have been something that impressed these fishermen because they do exactly that!

His disciples build up an understanding of who Jesus is as he teaches, heals and does miracles. But the account of the 'transfiguration' (Mark 9. 2-9) gives a dazzling new dimension. If Peter, James and John were in any doubt about where Jesus had come from and who he really was, here was the answer - the Son of God, glorious in splendour and worthy of our full attention.

How do you see Jesus?

Is there a way you could listen more closely to him over the coming days?

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