One step at a time...

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. (James 4. 8)

When there’s only a little light, and you can’t see far ahead, the only practical option is to take one step at a time. No blazing sun to illuminate as far as your eye can see, no million-candle torch to pierce the night sky, just a little light that cannot be put out.

That’s what Simeon and Anna had as they waited for the coming King, promised by God. A little light of faith in the promise God had made to rescue his people once and for all. 

And as God kept his promise, Simeon and Anna kept the faith. And just as through the years they had drawn near to God in the temple, so on that day when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus for a special blessing, God drew near to them. The light had finally dawned on them, and on the whole world. (Luke 2. 22-40)

Where in your life, or in the world, would you like the light to burn brighter?

How could you take a step closer to God this week?

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