King Jesus

'Look, your King is coming to you, humble and riding on a donkey...' (Matthew 21. 5)


The last week of Jesus' earthly life was full of surprises, most of them difficult to digest and, for some, impossible to come to terms with.

First of all, a donkey – not a powerful, regal horse decked in military finery – but a young colt covered in a cloak, brings Jesus riding into the city of Jerusalem for the Passover feast.

The people shout 'Hosanna!' which means 'Save us!'. And that is exactly what they wanted from a new King - someone who would save them from Roman occupation with a show of strength.

But instead of heading to the seat of political power, Jesus heads to the temple and overthrows not Roman rule, but the tables of those selling all the trappings which had become necessary for entry into worship.

As the week went on even his own disciples couldn't get their heads around what kind of King he had come to be. Judas betrays him, Peter denies him, and the humble, servant King Jesus is executed by crucifixion.

How might things look different in our lives, our church and our world, if we allowed Jesus free reign?

How easy is it to let King Jesus rule in your life?

StFrideswides Church