Christ is Risen!


'While it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance' (John 20.1)

And so the surprises continue for Jesus' disciples... Mary Magdalene approaches the tomb early in the morning after a long wait over the Sabbath. She has been unable to process any of what has happened - time, emotions and grief paused before she can tend to Jesus' broken body.

Filled with grief and sorrow she makes her way through the garden in anticipation of preparing Jesus' body for its final resting place. But instead of a tomb sealed shut, she discovers an open cave - as unexpected as arriving home and finding your house has been broken into.

What will Jesus' friends find when they looks inside? Waiting for them are the grave clothes that had bound Jesus as he was hastily taken down from the cross - but where is his body?

The gardener speaks as they search the garden - Who are they looking for? And in a moment of wonderful recognition they realise it's Jesus himself.

The most wonderful unexpected, liberating surprise of all. Risen, victorious, healed, glorious. He conquers death and paves the way into new and eternal life for us all - Christ is risen!

StFrideswides Church