What are you talking about?

'...their eyes were opened and they recognised him...' (Luke 24. 31)

Have you ever spent ages looking for something only to realise that you had been staring at it for ages but not seen it?! Sometimes the obvious is right under our noses and we don't realise.

For this couple walking along the road to Emmaus, probably the last thing they expected was that Jesus would join them on the way. They had been chatting to each other as they walked - trying to make sense of all they had seen and heard about Jesus over the last few days. It seems that everyone was talking about it, because when Jesus asks them what they're discussing, they wonder how on earth he hasn't heard about it.

In one of the more comic scenes in the Bible, Cleopas and his friend end up telling Jesus what has happened - as if he doesn't know! As the two friends share their experience, their questions, and their time and food, the risen Jesus makes himself known... and when they recognise him, everything changes.

How are things different in your life now that you know Jesus?

If you're not sure you've met Jesus like this, would you like to?

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