'...we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues.' (Acts 2. 11)

The long-awaited gift of the Holy Spirit brought yet more surprises for the disciples. They knew Jesus had something special planned once he had been taken back to heaven, and they knew they were to wait for it in Jerusalem. But whether they quite imagined that they would experience a mighty wind, flames of fire, and a supernatural ability to speak in foreign languages is another matter!

At Pentecost the church celebrates this (weird?!) and wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit, who comforts, strengthens and empowers us as we seek and serve Jesus. We can't box in the Spirit or predict the Spirit's activity, but if there's anything we take away from the account of Acts 2, it's that the fruit of the Spirit's movement is that more people hear the amazing news of Jesus and witness the wonders of God.

How has God comforted, strengthened and empowered you over the years?

Could you pray this week for the Spirit to make Jesus known to someone you know?


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