Born again?

' can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they are born of water and the Spirit.'

Jesus entertains Nicodemus under cover of darkness. Nicodemus was an expert in the Jewish law, yet clearly has lots of unanswered questions. He is searching, as are so many of us. But he is also afraid - that's why he comes to Jesus at night. 

Perhaps he's embarrassed to admit he doesn't know all the answers. Perhaps he is worried what his fellow Pharisees will think, if they find out he has been visiting Jesus. Perhaps he hasn't been able to sleep for all the thoughts in his head, and sets out to try and put his mind at rest. 

But his meeting with Jesus only seems to make things more mysterious! There is talk of being 'born again', 'born of the Spirit', talk of an only beloved Son of God who will save the world, not condemn it.

Life in the Spirit - what we might call 'eternal' life - begins when we turn to Christ, and submit our lives to God. This is all symbolised in baptism (which we celebrated so joyfully in church last week) and is part of the mystery of being caught up in the love and purposes of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Would you say you have been 'born again'?

If you were Nicodemus, what further questions might you have for Jesus?

StFrideswides Church