Fruit that will last

'...go and bear fruit - fruit that will last.' (John 15. 16)

Imagine there's a tree in your garden and every time you look, it is laden with fruit... Fruit on the tree stays ripe and fresh and isn't eaten by the wasps; fruit you pick is juicy and crisp; and the tree simply keeps on producing... all the way through the year...

Of course, naturally, there are seasons for trees to blossom, bear fruit, and then lose their leaves and rest over the winter. But this image gives us something to ponder. 

What kind of fruit do our lives produce? Are we a bit like a tree that produces lots of fruit all at once but then before you know it it's all fallen on the floor in a mushy heap? Are we like a tree that produces a little bit of fruit every other year that isn't really noticed by anyone? Or are we, as followers of Jesus, like trees which bear good fruit that will last? John urges us to stay close to Jesus, who cultivates our lives and hearts, transforms our characters, and helps us bear fruit that will bless others and lead them closer to God.

How can we prepare ourselves to grow as we follow Jesus?

How might our church bear more good fruit that will last?