Fathers' Day

‘When you pray, say “Our Father in heaven” ‘ Matthew 6. 9

Do you look forward to Fathers’ Day? Perhaps yes if you’re a Dad and you anticipate receiving lots of love and appreciation! Perhaps not so much if you’ve always longed to be a Dad and it’s never happened. Or perhaps you remember your own father with sadness, regret or disappointment. 

It seems trite, on one level, to say that whatever our earthly experience of fatherhood or being fathered, we have a perfect example in God our Heavenly Father - none of us could ever live up to that, after all! 

However, Jesus teaches his disciples to call God ‘Father’, echoing and enriching all the Old Testament images of a faithful, just and loving God who is Protector, Champion, Shepherd and Provider... and so much more!

Give thanks today for those who have shown you ‘fatherly’ love and care over the years. 

What do you feel when you think of God as our ‘Father in Heaven’?


StFrideswides Church