When you pray...

'And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites...' (Matthew 6. 5)

There are as many different ways of praying as there are people on the earth! Just as we bring our personalities, concerns, passions and joys to each of our human relationships, the same is true of our relationship with God.

And just as any genuine human relationship is based on trust and openness, Jesus teaches us to be true to ourselves in our communication with God. It makes sense really if we think about it - God knows the 'thoughts of our hearts'. Or, as Psalm 139 puts it, 'before a word is on my tongue, Lord, you know it completely.' It's not as if God doesn't know what we are feeling and thinking in the first place. 

The question is, though: Will we share the thoughts and desires of our hearts with him? Will we willingly open up our lives to the Spirit? Will we submit our lives to God? 

And in turn, as God shares his heart with us, the challenge is: Will we stop long enough to listen? Are we willing to change? Will we step out in faith? 

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