Daily bread

'...give us today our daily bread...' Matthew 6. 11

In the first part of the book of Exodus you can read about how God rescues his people from slavery in Egypt. There is a strange detail to this story, worth pondering in the light of this phrase from the Lord's Prayer. 

As God's people fret about what will become of them, God provides a strange kind of bread for them, sent from heaven. It appears fresh each morning, like frost on the ground, and will satisfy their hunger and assure them of God's provision and protection. They call it 'Manna' which basically meant 'What on earth is that?!'

The one condition was that they could only collect what they needed for that day. They were not allowed to store it up, 'just in case'. When they try this, it goes mouldy and maggoty - evidence of their fear and lack of trust.

Jesus also challenges his disciples not to store up treasures on earth, 'where rust and moths destroy', but instead to invest ourselves more fully in the kingdom of God, storing up treasures in heaven. 

What might God want to provide for you today?

What might we need to stop hoarding and keeping to ourselves? Money, food, friendship, faith?

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