Pray continually

'Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances' 1 Thessalonians 5. 16-18

After thinking in a bit more depth about the Lord's Prayer, we consider this week what it means to 'pray continually'. There might be some particular words which we use at particular moments and some prayers which become very special to us over time. But the challenge is to live a life of prayer - which doesn't just mean sitting still reading stuff out loud or being quiet in a church all the time.

Prayer is to our spiritual life what breathing is to our physical life - through prayer which God keeps us going, renews, heals and invigorates us.

So - over the summer, will you take up a challenge? Will you try some different ways of praying and explore new ways of communicating with and hearing from God? God made us and loves us and promises never to leave us and prayer is simply the way we share our whole lives with him.

Why not try going for a prayerful walk, writing a letter to God, drawing a prayer or reading a psalm every day?

Loving God, make us a more contemplative church. Help us connect with you more meaningfully in all the details of our lives and speak to us by your Holy Spirit. Make the words of the Bible come alive for us, reveal your beauty in the world around us, and fill us with compassion for the people we meet. Amen

StFrideswides Church