Rich towards God

''s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions.' Luke 12. 15

If an alien landed in our western world we would have to forgive them for concluding that what we think is really important here on earth is having lots of stuff. Certainly, if that alien came for a snoop around my house they would quickly see that I have more than I need and that I tend to hang on to stuff rather than live generously or simply.

While there are pockets of poverty and individuals who struggle to make ends meet, our culture as a whole is dominated by the belief that 'more' and 'bigger' is better. What if we're missing out? What if we're not keeping up? What if we don't have enough?

Jesus told a story about a rich farmer who built ever greater storehouses for all his crops, ensuring his future was secure and he would never go without. But one night he dies unexpectedly and the challenge from Jesus is - what good has all that hoarding done now?

What could it mean for us to be 'rich towards God' (Luke 12. 21)?

What would our church look like if we truly understood the truth Jesus tells in Luke 12. 15?

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