One step at a time...

‘When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.’ Matthew 2. 10

There was a power cut at my parents’ house when we arrived there to stay after Christmas. As we drove up the road things looked different but we couldn’t quite work out why. Then all of a sudden we realised - all the street lights were out and there were no sparkly Christmas decorations lining the streets. Everything looked very eerie outside and very gloomy inside!

The wise men on their journey to the manger must have experienced some very dark nights. No street lamps or torches to help them find their way. Only the daylight, and then that wonderful star during the night time. Even then it wasn’t like they were following a well known route or had a good map to show them the way.

Sometimes ‘one step at a time’ is enough as we navigate life and all it brings. We might like to have things planned out but rarely does a month go by when we are not faced with something that needs working around. It might be something small and easy to process, or it might be something really significant - a piece of bad news or something that makes us really worry for the future. The wise men journeyed an unchartered route and were dependent on the star to lead the way, one step at a time.

If things seem too much at the moment, can you take ‘one step at a time’?

How might you take a moment to commit the coming year at all it may bring to God?

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