Forgiveness of sins

‘In Jesus we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.’ Colossians 1. 14

Continuing our look at the book of Colossians, Ian writes:

“Forgiveness of sins” is a phrase which we hear so often in church that it can sometimes cease to have much meaning to us!

It is in fact the most joyful and freeing truth that lies at the heart of our Christian faith.

Through the death of Jesus, God offers us forgiveness for our sins that makes us healed, happy and whole.

Sometimes we worry that we disappoint God, that we aren’t good enough for his forgiveness or love…but these are lies which can block us entering into a relationship with God in all its fulness, which is our birthright as children of God.

Let us pray that we may be people marked by the healing and happy news of the forgiveness of our sins!

StFrideswides Church