Image of the Invisible

'He is the image of the invisible God' Colossians 1. 15

Who is Jesus anyway? You might have found an answer to that question many years ago for yourself… He is my Lord and Saviour; the Messiah; the hope of the nations and the light of the world... On our Alpha Course the other week we had some interesting conversations about this very question! You might still be wondering...

Paul says of Jesus - he is 'the image of the invisible God in whom the fullness of God was pleased to dwell'. He is 'the firstborn of all creation and the first born from the dead'. 'In and through and for him, all things were created.' 'Through him all things are reconciled to God and by his blood on the cross we have been granted peace.’

It’s magic and mystery when we catch a glimpse of who Jesus really is – and yet it all holds together, this gospel of grace and this gift of peace. 

By faith, it all somehow makes sense and we can see and know God in a new way as we get to know Jesus through the pages of the Bible and in the experience of worship and prayer.
As we delve into the book of Colossians this term, may each of us be captivated by a fresh vision of Jesus.

Why not take 30 minutes or so this week to read or re-read the book of Colossians in the New Testament - what new insights are there about who Jesus is?

StFrideswides Church