Encouraged in heart, united in love

‘My purpose is that they are encouraged in heart and united in love so that they may know the mystery of God in Christ.’ Colossians 2. 2

Survival is impossible if you try to go it alone

Survival is impossible if you try to go it alone

Paul longs for each and every follower of Jesus to be encouraged by and joined together with others who are walking the same path. He knows it is impossible to experience the riches of God’s blessings without being part of the ‘body of Christ’ - the church. It’s not just about believing something in your head, but learning and living it out in community.

Like penguins who huddle together for warmth - and who would perish if they didn’t - we need each other. Sometimes we need to be right in the middle - sheltered by others in times of trouble. Other times we can take our turn being buffeted in order to provide respite for a friend. Deciding we want no part in it is not really an option. We remain part of the same ‘family of God’ whatever our circumstances and however far apart physically we might be.

We are to be a connected church - woven together by the common experience of a transforming friendship with Jesus, and filled by the Spirit so we can serve God in the world.

Does your experience of church match this ideal?

Is there something you could do to make it more of a reality?

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