Pizza delivery prayers?

'Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.' Colossians 4. 2


What's your favourite pizza? I like it when I can choose my toppings and get a delicious pizza exactly how I want it. Sometimes for a treat we might order a pizza to be delivered to our door - as if by magic someone appears with our pizza ready to eat - yum!

I wonder whether sometimes we pray like we are putting in an order for pizza delivery... I'll have a good job please, enough money, an answer to that problem, and an extra topping of happiness. And perhaps we imagine God getting all the ingredients together, cooking them to perfection, and delivering a piping hot pizza to our door, just like that. And if the delivery doesn't arrive when we expect it, we want to make a complaint - after all the service isn't up to scratch!

The Bible says that we should ask for what we need and that God is glad to give it... but that doesn't always mean we get what we want. Paul says to the Colossians that they should 'devote themselves to prayer'. It's not just about a pick and mix, shopping list of demands and wishes. It is a discipline, a relationship and a way of life. 

Have we made our prayers into a shopping list?

How could we be more watchful and thankful as we pray?

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