Gone fishing...

'I'm going out to fish,' Simon Peter told them... John 21. 3

Sometimes when things are uncertain and the future looks scary, we like to turn to familiar things. It feels safe and gives us some confidence back in a time of anxiety. I might not be sure what's round the corner, but I can cook this favourite meal, I can do this bit of my job well, I can visit a trusted friend...

When Peter says to his friends one evening, 'I'm going out to fish', I wonder whether he was falling back on something he knew he could do without thinking. Even though he had been called away from those nets a few years back, surely he wouldn't have lost his touch? His friends tag along. What else are they to do, now that Jesus has gone away again...?

But after a whole night of fishing, they have had no success. Demoralised, frustrated, at a loss, they hear the voice of a figure on the beach. 'Friends, haven't you caught any fish?' It's Jesus, and he suggests they cast their nets over the other side of the boat. Sure enough, they catch so many fish that they have to tow the net behind the boat back to shore.

The disciples realise it's Jesus and spend a precious morning together as he cooks them breakfast. Perhaps as they eat they remember the call to 'fish for people'. Jesus has given them a new purpose, but it's taking them a while to get their heads round it!

Could you take some time this week to sit with the Lord, be fed by him, and be reminded of what he is calling you to be and do?