The adventure of a lifetime

‘Jesus said to Simon, who was a fisherman, '“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch people.” So Simon and his partners James and John pulled their boats up on the shore, left everything and followed him.’ (Luke 5. 10-11)

Do you like baking? There is something amazing about mixing all the ingredients together and producing (hopefully!) something delicious to eat. I wonder if there’s a recipe in your family that needs a ‘secret ingredient’? Something that you’d never guess just by eating the end product, but that makes all the difference to how it tastes?

From the outside, someone who follows Jesus might not look any different from someone who doesn’t. However, something has changed on the inside which makes a huge difference to how that person might act, think and live. When we choose to follow Jesus we are invited onto an adventure of a lifetime - and beyond.

When Jesus called his first disciples their lives took on a completely different focus - they could see that it was worth leaving everything behind.

What makes someone a ‘Christian’?

What’s the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes life worth living?

Might Jesus be calling you onto the adventure of a lifetime?

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