Harvest fruit

'To God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine...

to him be glory for ever and ever! Amen.'

Ephesians 3. 20-21

I love a conker hunt! If you take a moment to look closely at a horse chestnut (there are lots around at the moment), what do you see? If it's still in its case, it looks spiky and sharp - and it hurts if one drops on you when you're trying to get them off the tree!!

Sometimes the shell is slightly split, and you can see the smooth, dark brown nut peeping out. Prise the shell open and the inside is silky and soft, a perfect pod for the chestnut as it waits to ripen. The nut itself is a rich and shiny treasure.

They are beautiful, and so plentiful. So much of the natural world is beyond what we could ever imagine, never mind create, ourselves. The diversity and beauty of creation can inspire our worship and nourish our faith.

This harvest season, what part of God's creation delights you the most?

How is God growing fruit in your life?

StFrideswides Church