Feel free to ask us anything...

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'Our services are quite informal and we have space set aside for small children. We don't mind a bit of noise or a bit of mess'



We meet at Water Eaton Church Centre MK2 3RR on Sundays at 9.15am.

I’m not sure I fit…

We hope you feel able to bring your whole self to worship, whoever you are and whatever your experience of church has been in the past. God loves you just the way you are, and we will do the same!


 What do you do?

When we meet on Sundays we have some songs, prayers and a reflection on some words from the Bible. Often we share communion, which is where we eat bread and drink wine as symbols of Jesus’ body and blood. In this way we retell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, which is the foundation of our faith. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like. Our hope is that you will feel welcome and able to join in as far as you are comfortable .

 do You only meet on sundays?

We meet Monday and Tuesday mornings at 9.30am for a time of quiet prayer. We also meet often to eat, walk and pray together. At various points in the year we have short term small groups to study, share and pray together. These are great ways to get to know each other – and God – better. If you’re interested in joining in, follow our Facebook page or send us a message.



How much does it cost?

You don’t need to pay anything! However, if you want to make a donation to our work you can do so during our services. Those of us who are committed to St Frideswide's give regularly towards the ministry costs of the church –contact us if you would like to support us in this way.

 What if I don’t know what I believe?

That’s ok! We hope you will feel at home and free to ask any questions you might have. None of us have all the answers, but we hope that we can provide a space to explore and engage with important questions of life.


 What should I wear?

Whatever you like. Come as you are.

 Can I bring my children?

Yes! Our services are quite informal and we have some space set aside for small children. We don’t mind a bit of noise or a bit of mess. There are toilets and baby-changing facilities in our building.


 Can I get married in your church?

Yes – and it is a delight when people do! However, there are some criteria to be met – get in touch if you would like to find out more.

 Can my child be christened at your church?

Yes, we would love to help you celebrate and pray for your family in this way – please get in touch if you want to find out more.